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The cutting edge of keg tap technology

Long Battery Life

Rechargeable battery that will outlast your event

Bluetooth Enabled

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology

Flow Control

Designed with the perfect beverage flow in mind

The tap

It’s an electronic tap that fits on top of any standard keg. Rather than require a hand pump, or complicated CO2 hoses and clamps, the Kegr automatically maintains your keg’s pressure. Simply pour yourself a drink, and by the time you walk away, the keg is ready for another perfect pour.

The app

The Kegr Companion app pairs with your Kegrs to access its advanced features. Ensure a worry-free experience by easily monitoring, customizing and receiving notifications from your kegs when they need attention.


Up to the minute information of fullness and pressure


Adjust and fine-tune the pressure to achieve an ideal flow


Push notifications that inform you when the keg or battery is low

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