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Kegr Questions

I just tapped the keg but the app doesn’t show the beer at 100%

The value is an approximation and can vary based on many factors such as the temperature or pressure .

What pressure should I set?

Set a pressure as low as possible while having a steady stream of beer when opening the spout.

What happens when I select the wrong size?

The beer percentage remaining in the app won’t be accurate.

What happens if I select the wrong pressure?

Setting a pressure that is too high will cause the beer to foam. Setting it to low and it will just dribble out.

How do I lower the pressure in the keg?

Lower the pressure in the app, and then pour some drinks.

Keg Questions

How do I tap a keg?

Pull the black handle out then up. Put the tap onto the keg and turn. Pull the handle out then down. Some beer may spray out during this process.

Beer is coming out foamy.

This is normal after first tapping the keg. The first pitcher-full may be foamy. If it is still foamy, make sure the beer is cold and it has had time to settle after being moved. Also try lowering the pressure setpoint.

What size keg do I have?

There are 3 main sized:

Half Barrel: The Largest available keg size. It can weigh 150lbs when full.

Quarter Barrel: Comes in two shapes. Short and fat, which is also known as a pony keg. Or tall and thin with ridges going around the outside. Both hold the same amount of beer.

Sixth Barrel: Tall and thin, but smooth around the outside.

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