About Us

Foamy taps, empty CO2 tanks, people arguing that the keg is overpumped, people arguing that the keg is underpumped. We’ve had enough of these buzkills at a party. Coming from the Long Island backyard party scene, we knew we could offer something better.


The Kegr Story

“So what, are we just gonna return it? With the beer still inside?” Another party with everyone trying their home remedies to get the keg pump to work. Slapping the keg, pumping 3 times with their eyes closed and fingers crossed. And still no reliable beer coming out. We knew this wasn’t the way it should be. Parties are meant to fun. Music is played to be listened to. And kegs are rented to be drank. A friend group of geeks should be able to figure this out, right? Through basement prototypes, 3D printing, soldering wires, and rewriting the app one last time, we convinced ourselves that it could be done. A product that can finally solve this persistent problem. With the goodwill and help from local businesses, the entrepreneur community, grants and incubators, we’ve patented and produced the perfect pour. The Kegr is available for sale. Check it out today.

Our Mission​

To promote the use of reusable kegs as the most environmentally friendly way of drinking as apposed to consumable one-off containers. By making keg setup quick and easy, we want to make it the clear choice for drinking beverages in a group.


“We had the opportunity to use a Kegr tap for a local running event and it worked fantastic! It’s so much easier to use and travel with for beer festivals too. As long as the keg can be kept on ice. Thank you for the chance to use them!”

Larry Goldstein


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